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Ceramics. Jim Rosenthal. Sculpting Portraits in Clay
May 4 - May 6
Sculpting Portraits in Clay
May 20 - May 26
Painting With Fire: Native American Firing Techniques & More
Class Full - Waitlist Available
May 26 - May 28
Plaster Transfers: Crisp & Colorful Patterns On Clay
Ceramics. Steve Theberge. Introduction to Throwing on the Wheel
Class Full - Waitlist Available
Jun 2 - Jun 3
An Introduction to Throwing on the Wheel
handbuilt pottery, pottery tray, tiffany hilton
Jun 8 - Jun 10
Hand-building: From Flat to Fabulous
Ceramics. Ben Eberle. Soda Firing Basics
Jun 10 - Jun 17
Soda Firing Basics: Make, Fire, Learn.
kathy king, functional pottery, animal images in clay
Jun 22 - Jun 26
Let's Talk - A Conversation Between Form and Imagery
Ceramics. Steve Loucks. Create Your Own Glaze
Aug 2 - Aug 5
Create Your Own Glaze: A Potter's Perspective
Ceramics. Ryan Greenheck. Formal Surfaces
Aug 5 - Aug 11
Formal Surfaces
Aug 12 - Aug 18
Hand-build Your Way to Wealth and Fame
Ceramics. David MacDonald. Decorating Leather-Hard Clay
Aug 26 - Sep 1
Decorating Leather-Hard Clay
Ceramics. Rebecca Hutchinson. Paperclay: A Sculptural Approach
Sep 1 - Sep 3
Paperclay: A Sculptural Approach