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Feb 16, 2019
Collage In Relief: Working From The Model
Sewing 101: Bags & Purses
Kiln-fired Dichroic Glass Pendants
Ready, Set, Button Bling!
Weekend Wood (turning) Warrior
Apr 6, 2019
Bold & Beautiful: Intro To Impressionist Full Color Painting
Images In Fiber
Introduction To Stained Glass
Link Love: Metal On Metal
How To Say I Love You From A Lathe
May 3, 2019
Joomchi & Beyond
Japanese Woodblock Printing
Alternative Firings
Glass Beads: The Basics & Beyond
Stained Glass & 3d Sculpture
Rings On Rings
Welded Scupture With Found Objects
Woodturning For Women
May 11, 2019
Paper Marbling: Color Play
Introduction To Wheel Throwing: A Centered Approach
Traditional Wet Felting For Beginners
The Basics Of Prong Settings
Mosaic Stepping Stones
Taking Shape With Copper
May 19, 2019
Playing The Clay Surface
Recycle Glass Through Flameworking
Corallite Creations: Forming With Powder, Glass, Frit & Flame
Rock & Roll: The Art Of Lapidary
Introduction To Welding In Bill's Barn
Lost And Found: The Art Of Assemblage
Color As Conversation In Painting
Demystifying The Pop-up Book
May 25, 2019
Explorative & Painterly Collage
Out Of Round: Thrown & Altered Pottery
Surface Design On Cotton, Linen, Wool & Silk
Design Development For Intermediate Glass Beadmakers
Exploring Textures & Patinas In Metal Jewelry
The Art Of Mosaics
Creature Creation: Bringing Metal Sculpture To Life
Woodturning: Turn & Burn
Jun 1, 2019
Marbles Inside & Out
Glass Fusing: Landscapes In Sparkling Glass
Metal Jewelry Inspired By The Garden
You Can Weld!
Rustic Furniture For The Home & Garden
Handmade Sketchbooks
Hat Making To Your Heart's Content
Jun 7, 2019
Experimental Printmaking
Indigo Shibori: Introduction & Explorations
Glass Beads: Flora & Fauna
Intro To Pate De Verre
Creating & Combining Jewelry Components
Keep Your Pants On: The Metal Belt Buckle
Wooden Spoons: Beautifully Simple & Simply Beautiful
Jun 9, 2019
Recycle Glass Through Glassblowing
The Forged Ring
Abstract Mosaics With Lustre Glass & Natural Stone
Spoons To Spades: Metalworking For The Home, Kitchen & Garden
Sculpting With A Wood Lathe
Japanese Inspired Watercolor From Nature
Layer, Color & Pattern On The Clay Form
Traditional Yoruba Batik, Adire & Tie-dye
Intermediate Flameworking Skills Lab
Jun 15, 2019
Metal | Metallic In Encaustic Painting
Rug Hooking With The Oxford Punch Needle
Intermediate Flameworking: Skills Lab Weekend
Stained Glass With Found Objects
Beginner Glassblowing: Pint Glasses & Beer
Make Your Own Steel Stamps
Welding With Found Objects
Turning A Winged Bowl In Wood
Jun 21, 2019
Sculptural Weaving
A Taste Of Flameworking
Introduction To Soldering
Welded Metal Sculpture
Beginner Woodturning
Mixed Media & Collage Studies For Large Paintings
Moldmaking & Slipcasting Intensive
Cyanotype & Stitch
Aug 1, 2019
Papermaking, Cyanotype, Casting
Carbon Trapped Soda Firing & More
The Art Of Shoemaking
Flameworking: Create With Glass & More
Kiln Glass: Bowls, Plates, & Jewelry
Wire Weaving In Jewelry Design
Adventures In Welding I
Introduction To Wooden Pen Making
Aug 4, 2019
Kiln Glass: Patterns, Design & Texture
Working With Titanium For Beautiful, Sculptural Jewelry
Sculpture Exploration In Wood
Painting & Drawing In The Local Landscape
Physical Images: Fabric, Thread, Beads & Paint
Pattern & Play In Glass Beads
Aug 11, 2019
Souvenirs For The Soul: Artist’s Books As Containers
Painting With Fire: Native American Firing Techniques & More
Weaving 101: Elegance & Function
The Fabulous 5 - Imagery On Stained Glass
Summer Nights Intensive: Optic Molds In The Hot Shop
The Cutting Edge: Laser Cutting For Jewelry
Welding & Mixed Media Sculpture
Aug 25, 2019
Root Balls & Burls: The Beauty Within
Botanical Drawing With Colored Pencil & Watercolor Pencil
Going Organic In Clay
Foraged Color : Print & Pattern Using Found Natural Dyes
Flutter & Buzz In Flameworking
The Shapes Of Nature In Glass
Casting & Capturing Nature In Metal
Aug 31, 2019
Watercolor Monoprint: Experimental Printmaking
The Exquisite Ceramic Surface
Mosaic Quilting
Colorful Magic: Glass Beads For Everyone
Glassblowing Bootcamp
Off-loom Bead Stitching Extravaganza
Glass Mosaics
Metal Sculpture For The Home & Garden
Art In Motion: Kinetic 1.0
Sep 7, 2019
Pile It On: Jewelry In Layers
Indoor Or Outdoor Metal Wall Art
Collage, Imagination, & Play
Leather With A Twist
A Survey Of Flameworking
Glass Fusing 101 Through 10 Techniques
Glassblowing: Let's Talk Supios
Sep 14, 2019
Slow Stitching
Painting On Layered Glass
Beginner Glassblowing: Pumpkin Mayhem
Patterns, Textures & More In Enamel
Women Who Weld Ii
Introduction To Woodturning
Oct 3, 2019
Designing & Turning Laminated Wood
Mixed Media Narrative Collage
Working With Porcelain: Form & Finesse
Sculptural Paper: From Pulp To Form
Sparkling Sculpted Ornaments From Borosilicate Glass
You're Getting Warmer... Stained Glass & Fusing
Glassblowing 101
Repousse’ & Chasing
Adventures In Welding Ii
Oct 6, 2019
Color Theory For Painterly Printmaking
Sculptural Slab Structures
Skins, Skeletons, Knots & Nets: 3d Textile Constructions
Happy Accidents In Glass
Killin' It In The Kiln
Glassblowing: Beyond The Comfort Zone
Shaman Prayer Locket In Silver Metal Clay
Weldng: Fire & Fun
Working Rustic With Found Wood
Oct 12, 2019
Mosaics: A Smashing Good Time
Welding: Ferris Flora
Introduction To Woodturning
Exploring Calligraphy
Paperclay: A Sculptural Approach
Creating Texture On Felted Wool & Silk
Flameworking: Implosion Pendants
Glassblowing: Defining Shape & Form
Soldering Bootcamp
Oct 18, 2019
Written In Wax: The Encaustic Book
Sculpting Portraits In Clay
Beginning Flamework: Gardens In Glass
Geometric Glass Jewelry: Kilnformed & Coldworked
The Foundations Of Glassblowing
Polymer Clay 101: Focus On Flowers
Welded Scupture With Found Objects
Holiday Ornaments From The Woodshop
Oct 20, 2019
Exploring New Shapes With Twining & Coiling
Flameworking For Jewelry: All The Parts & Pieces
Stained Glass & Glassblowing Collaborative
Glassblowing & Stained Glass Collaborative
Mosaic Jewelry
Whimsical Welding
From Tree To Lathe: Decorative Platters
Explorative & Painterly Collage
Glaze Calculation In Easy Steps