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Apr 6, 2019
Images In Fiber
Introduction To Stained Glass
Link Love: Metal On Metal
May 25, 2019
Explorative & Painterly Collage
Out Of Round: Thrown & Altered Pottery
Surface Design On Cotton, Linen, Wool & Silk
Exploring Textures & Patinas In Metal Jewelry
The Art Of Mosaics
Woodturning: Turn & Burn
Jun 1, 2019
Marbles Inside & Out
Glass Fusing: Landscapes In Sparkling Glass
Metal Jewelry Inspired By The Garden
You Can Weld!
Rustic Furniture For The Home & Garden
Handmade Sketchbooks
Jun 7, 2019
Experimental Printmaking
Indigo Shibori: Introduction & Explorations
Intro To Pate De Verre
Creating & Combining Jewelry Components
Wooden Spoons: Beautifully Simple & Simply Beautiful
Jun 9, 2019
Sculpting With A Wood Lathe
Japanese Inspired Watercolor From Nature
Layer, Color & Pattern On The Clay Form
Traditional Yoruba Batik, Adire & Tie-dye
Intermediate Flameworking Skills Lab
The Forged Ring
Abstract Mosaics With Lustre Glass & Natural Stone
Jun 15, 2019
Metal | Metallic In Encaustic Painting
Rug Hooking With The Oxford Punch Needle
Intermediate Flameworking: Skills Lab Weekend
Stained Glass With Found Objects
Beginner Glassblowing: Pint Glasses & Beer
Make Your Own Steel Stamps
Welding With Found Objects
Turning A Winged Bowl In Wood
Jun 21, 2019
Mixed Media & Collage Studies For Large Paintings
Moldmaking & Slipcasting Intensive
Cyanotype & Stitch
Sculptural Weaving
A Taste Of Flameworking
Welded Metal Sculpture
Beginner Woodturning
Jun 30, 2019
High School - Session 1
High School Full Summer
Jul 14, 2019
High School Session 2
Aug 1, 2019
Papermaking, Cyanotype, Casting
Carbon Trapped Soda Firing & More
The Art Of Shoemaking
Flameworking: Create With Glass & More
Kiln Glass: Bowls, Plates, & Jewelry
Wire Weaving In Jewelry Design
Adventures In Welding I
Aug 4, 2019
Painting & Drawing In The Local Landscape
Physical Images: Fabric, Thread, Beads & Paint
Pattern & Play In Glass Beads
Kiln Glass: Patterns, Design & Texture
Working With Titanium For Beautiful, Sculptural Jewelry
Sculpture Exploration In Wood
Aug 11, 2019
The Fabulous 5 - Imagery On Stained Glass
Summer Nights Intensive: Optic Molds In The Hot Shop
The Cutting Edge: Laser Cutting For Jewelry
Welding & Mixed Media Sculpture
Souvenirs For The Soul: Artist’s Books As Containers
Painting With Fire: Native American Firing Techniques & More
Weaving 101: Elegance & Function
Aug 25, 2019
Sweet As Honey - Flamework Honeycombs
Botanical Drawing With Colored Pencil & Watercolor Pencil
Going Organic In Clay
Foraged Color : Print & Pattern Using Found Natural Dyes
The Shapes Of Nature In Glass
Casting & Capturing Nature In Metal
Root Balls & Burls: The Beauty Within
Aug 31, 2019
Off-loom Bead Stitching Extravaganza
Glass Mosaics
Metal Sculpture For The Home & Garden
Art In Motion: Kinetic 1.0
Watercolor Monoprint: Experimental Printmaking
The Exquisite Ceramic Surface
Mosaic Quilting
Colorful Magic: Glass Beads For Everyone
Glassblowing Bootcamp
Sep 7, 2019
Collage, Imagination, & Play
Leather With A Twist
A Survey Of Flameworking
Glass Fusing 101 Through 10 Techniques
Glassblowing: Let's Talk Supios
Pile It On: Jewelry In Layers
Indoor Or Outdoor Metal Wall Art
Sep 14, 2019
Introduction To Woodturning
Slow Stitching
Painting On Layered Glass
Beginner Glassblowing: Pumpkin Mayhem
Patterns, Textures & More In Enamel
Women Who Weld Ii
Oct 3, 2019
Mixed Media Narrative Collage
Working With Porcelain: Form & Finesse
Sculptural Paper: From Pulp To Form
Sparkling Sculpted Ornaments From Borosilicate Glass
You're Getting Warmer... Stained Glass & Fusing
Glassblowing 101
Repousse’ & Chasing
Adventures In Welding Ii
Designing & Turning Laminated Wood
Oct 6, 2019
Shaman Prayer Locket In Silver Metal Clay
Welding: Fire & Fun
Working Rustic With Found Wood
Color Theory For Painterly Printmaking
Sculptural Slab Structures
Skins, Skeletons, Knots & Nets: 3d Textile Constructions
Happy Accidents In Glass
Killin' It In The Kiln
Glassblowing: Beyond The Comfort Zone
Oct 12, 2019
Exploring Calligraphy
Paperclay: A Sculptural Approach
Creating Texture On Felted Wool & Silk
Flameworking: Implosion Pendants
Glassblowing: Defining Shape & Form
Soldering Bootcamp
Mosaics: A Smashing Good Time
Welding: Ferris Flora
Introduction To Woodturning
Oct 18, 2019
The Foundations Of Glassblowing
Polymer Clay 101: Focus On Flowers
Welded Scupture With Found Objects
Holiday Ornaments From The Woodshop
Written In Wax: The Encaustic Book
Sculpting Portraits In Clay
Beginning Flamework: Gardens In Glass
Geometric Glass Jewelry: Kilnformed & Coldworked
Oct 20, 2019
Explorative & Painterly Collage
Glaze Calculation In Easy Steps
Exploring New Shapes With Twining & Coiling
Flameworking For Jewelry: All The Parts & Pieces
Stained Glass & Glassblowing Collaborative
Glassblowing & Stained Glass Collaborative
Mosaic Jewelry
Whimsical Welding
From Tree To Lathe: Decorative Platters