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Radha Pandey, Jonah Solberg Headshot

Radha Pandey & Johan Solberg

Radha Pandey is a papermaker and letterpress printer. She earned her MFA in Book Arts from the University of Iowa Center for the Book where she was a recipient of the Iowa Arts Fellowship. She has studied Western and Asian Papermaking techniques with Timothy Barrett and teaches book arts classes in India and the US.

Her interest in the history of papermaking led her to research creating stop-motion animations using watermarks. Her expertise also includes traditional textile hand-printing in India, and stop-motion animations in paper. Her artists books are held in 37 public collections including the Library of Congress and Yale University.
Her graduate thesis work, titled Anatomia Botanica won the MICA Book Award at the Pyramid Atlantic Book Fair in 2014.

Currently, Radha is working on an artist book that explores the perception of the colour white.

Johan Solberg explores the intersection of artistic research and craft, combining both historical and contemporary techniques and materials in his work. He often starts by making paper– a process that allows him to observe and express the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature; never in control, just assisting the path for the materials. Solberg's current work consists of historical research on early bookbinding and papermaking in Asia, and conceptual book works exploring personal stories– stories that he tries to relate to the the collective human consciousness.

Johan Solberg is a graduate with an MFA in Book Arts at the University of Iowa Center for the Book in the United States. Solberg plans to return to Norway to his studio in Halden, where he is currently developing a center for letterpress printing, bookbinding and papermaking, both functioning as his private studio and as a collective studio for fellow book artists.

Classes with Radha Pandey & Johan Solberg